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SMO & SMM in Surrey

With SMO and SMM, my services get your business and brand noticed, and your target audience talking about it

Because as a social media marketer in Surrey, I provide management of all social media that is relevant and a must have for your company. While as a social media optimiser I optimise your website for these social media channels.

Let me take the pain of managing multiple accounts, AND posting across all channels, AND at the optimal times for your users. I use shareable content that is relevant, trending, new, and that strikes a chord with friends, fans and followers.

Surrey Social Media Marketing

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Social media is so intergrated into today's lives that there is no escaping it and you must be part of it, no matter how old you or your company is. -Stephen Dench

Let me champion your social media accounts Hire Me, Today!

Social Media Marketing

I offer a range of social media marketing (SMM) services which range from a few relevant posts and tweets a day, up to full social media reports and analytics on the trends & habits of your target audiences.

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Naturally not all SMM projects can be so neatly covered within one of my packaged deals. So if your SMM needs fall outside of these, just get in contact and I’ll personalise something specially, just for you.

SMM Package Deals

Crossed out prices like this; £000; Represent the 'going rate' or ASP for this service or product.

  • Bronze

    Social Media Voice

    £49 ASP: £100
    You Save: £51 (51% OFF)

    / per month
    Dip your toe & become a voice on social media
    • 3 Daily Scheduled Posts
    • 1 to 3 Social Networks
    • Posted at Optimal Times
  • Silver

    Social Media Professional

    £99 ASP: £300
    You Save: £201 (66% OFF)

    / per month
    Take it to the next level as a social media pro
    • 6 Daily Scheduled Posts
    • 1 to 6 Social Networks
    • Posted at Optimal Times
    • Monthly SMM Report
  • Gold

    Social Media Celebrity

    £199 ASP: £750
    You Save: £551 (73% OFF)

    / per month
    Become a credible social authority in your field
    • 9 Daily Scheduled Posts
    • 1 to 9 Social Networks
    • Posted at Optimal Times
    • Monthly SMM Report
    • All Posts Created by Me


SMO Features

As every business & website is different, so are your SMO needs. In fact your needed SMO solutions could range from any of these;

So it’s probably best if we just discuss your needs, get to know your goals, and then evaluate your current website. Lets Go

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising. -Mark Zuckerberg

Want to influence people with social media? Hire Me, Today!

Not looking for SMM or SMO?

Maybe you need to create award winning website content? with email marketing to get it all out to your customers. Maybe you want to rank No1 in the search engines organically and/or optimise your PPC Google and Bing Ads.

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Or if you need a completely different type of service, try these.

Alternatively we can just discuss your needs! So Lets Talk!

Why me, as your social media marketer?

Digital Marketing Consultant Stephen Dench

Today there are 1000s of social media marketers, who are undoubtable drawn in by an illusion of spending their whole working day on social media posting, liking, commenting & sharing. However, to be a professional level SMM who delivers results, takes far more than a Facebook addiction.

As very few people have the required skills sets needed in SMM and web design/development to be a SMO, my SMO survives are unique. Additionally, both my SMM & SMO services are further enhanced by my other skills sets in graphic design, user experience & persuasive design.

What is Social Media Optimisation (SMO)?

SMO or Social media optimization is the process of optimising a website for exposure on the various social networks. This includes optimising the website itself for ease of sharing on social media sites, optimising the content to make it shareable and optimising the UI & UX to compel users to want to share it.

What is Social Media Optimising?

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM or Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that uses social media sites as a marketing tool to generate interest, views, sales, brand exposure and interaction with a company’s, products or services.

What is Social Media Marketing?