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USA focased website for a UK media company

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mobile Websites & Web Apps of Vox Pops USA
  • Contact Details

    The main action required from website visitors is a phone call or to interact on social media so both the phone number & social media icons are the first elements shown to the user. On mobile devices tapping the number starts a phone call, while the social icons lead to those Vox Pops social media pages.

  • Intro Video

    Explainer videos are an amazing way to engage with audiences while explaining complex concepts. Being a media company it is no surprise that an explainer video is used to explain Vox Pops. This video is played by pressing the large play button on a background image used to indicate groups of people.


The Project

The project involved the design a USA focased website for a UK nationwide media company. The final web design was given a vote of confidence by everyone in the company, their clients and their agents in the US.


Vox Pops USA logo

Vox Pops Int are an international media company whose HQ in in Ewell Village, Surrey.

Vox Pops Int is a media company who offer a range of services to their clients allowing them to gather research and creatively illustrate insights which can be shared across their organisations. Yes, they made great research videos which can be shared.

Project Brief

The project called for a 1 page USA version of their current website that would appeal to US users and also be something to be used by their agents in America. The project also challenged the design of their current website with the project challenged to create something better.

desktop website ofVox Pops USA
tablet website of Vox Pops USA


vox-pops-int.com is a fantastic looking website that looks great on tablets, mobiles and desktop computers.

The final web design was given a vote of confidence by everyone in the company, some of their own clients and their agents in the US. The design used has now also been replicated and ported across to their main international website voxpops.com.

Vox Pops USA the responsive web design

Client Feedback

Wordclass web design

5 out of 5 stars

I'm happy, everyone here is happy with it, even our close clients think its looks great and want one themselves. Overall a worldclass web design