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    The client had already commissioned a new logo before speaking to me about her website, which left her with a choice of stock logos rather than a logo that truly captured the brand identity. After weighing up the options it was decided to stick with the logos colours for the visual branding.

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    The site uses a three image slider. Each of the three slides represents one of the 3 main aspects of the business (Healthy Stuff, Personal Stuff, Business Stuff), with an icon together with a text explanation.


The Project

This project was the creation of a website for a Business & Personal Coach. The website provides easy to digest information about the services offered, is ready to be expanded in the future, and is a pleasure to use for fragile personalities.


Headstuff Coaching logo

Alison is a Business & Personal Coach based in Ewell Village Epsom and helping people throughout Surrey.

Alison supports both individuals on a 1-1 basis and groups in workshops. She helps people to develop confidence and gain clarity in many of life’s challenges, from starting up a new business, reaching personal goals, and communicating effectively.

Project Brief

The project was to create a website that listed Alison’s services while also communicating her tone of voice. Care would be needed as many potential visitors may be in a fragile emotional state. The site needed to feel inviting, welcoming and promote a positive user action (getting in contact with Alison).

desktop website of Handleys
tablet website of Handleys


headstuffcoaching.co.uk is simple yet effective and looks perfect on every device from desktops to mobiles.

The final web design uses a visual branding on different shades of purple to invoke spiritual awareness, vision, authenticity, truth and quality. While the light blue of the visual branding is used as an accent colour. Overall the website is warm, friendly and inviting.

Handleys the responsive web design

Client Feedback

Really good web design

5 out of 5 stars

I had no knowledge about websites but web app designer did everything without baffling me with techno jargon and he explained everything in a simple to understand way. So, if you are looking for a really good web design company look no further than Steve.