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Apartments to let in Cyprus

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  • Logo / App Icon

    The app icon is straight from the official flag for Cyprus together with a ‘KA’. This KA is then replaced 'Kevin's Apartments' for the full website logo. These orange and green colours work as the visual branding for the site together with the blue's and blue/greens of sea/pool water in the images throughout the site.

  • Image Slider

    An image slideshow has been used which sets the scene and visual communication of the website together with kinetic typography. The first image is generic of a holiday, the second and third show Paphos and Limassol together with prices, while the forth shows golf as the client wishes to target golfers.

  • Apartments

    Straight under the slideshow we show images and prices for the two apartments. Hovering over these on desktop devices (show by default on mobiles) provides more information about the apartment together with a button to read more which takes the user to that apartments web page.


The Project

The project involved creating a website for letting two Cyprus apartments. The site has been built to appeal to holiday makers, provide a wealth of information and images, and utilise an easy to use booking system.


Kevins Apartments logo

Kevins Apartments is a website to facilitate the letting of 2 apartments in cyprus.

Kevin had been going to Cyprus for over 10 years before investing in two apartments, one apartment is in Limassol with the other in Paphos. Each apartment is close to the beautiful countryside, golf courses and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Project Brief

The aim of the project was to provide a portal for booking the two apartments. This website was to provide far more information than possible on holiday booking sites. Saving costs the client opted to integrate the owners direct booking system over a custom solution.

desktop website of Handleys
tablet website of Handleys


kevinscyprusapartments.com is a clean and modern looking website that works on tablets, mobiles and desktop computers.

The website features all the information needed for potential holiday makers, together with a booking system and large interactive gallery of images. The website has a visual design that is attractive, clean, inviting, and just simply Cyprus.

Handleys the responsive web design