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Surrey UX Designer & UX Developer

As an experienced (UX) user experience designer in Surrey, I can champion your full UX process from pre, through to post production with; client / competitor analysis, user research / testing, information architecture, rapid prototyping & persuasive design.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings. -Tom & David Kelley

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Heuristic Evaluation

Reviewed against usability standards, heuristics & overall user experience, I will conduct a detailed analysis of your website and/or of your competitors. These results are then written up with a detailed strategy of how to optimise user experience & trump all of your rivals.

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User Research & User Testing

Key to every good UX strategy is user testing & user research. I carry out expert research into your business field & your consumers which feeds into personas & user-journeys. User testing & usability testing on prototypes can be done throughout the projects life cycle.

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Information Architecture

As an information architect, I design systems of information in an effective and sustainable way. I categorise & structure your data, then define how it is labelled and represented. We then create an optimal navigation & search system, allowing users to quickly find what they need.

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Rapid Prototyping

I don't create pretty pictures, I design useful and informative low-fi wireframes that are quick, disposable & use the best UX tools in the trade; pen and paper. From here we iterate through rapid prototyping of a real live website or app, which can be tested with your users.

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Persuasive Design

As a persuasive designer, I can invoke many behavioural psychology patterns of persuasion to ensure that your website or web app achieves its goals. From; conversion rate optimisation, gamification, PET design & persuasion testing to operant conditioning design.

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A pretty picture is the best way to show clients what their website will never look like, let alone what it feels like. -Stephen Dench

Now, let's design the optimal user experience. Hire Me, Today!

Why me, as your UX designer?

User Experience Design

User experience design (UxD) is easily the most falsely claimed skill by graphic designers today. While most graphic designers can create a pretty picture, UX design is beyond their comprehension in how it ultimately affects a user's experience. This is due to the additional skills sets needed.

A real user experience designer with over 15 years starting with a UxD role at Google. I can offer you my experience of numerous UX projects both freelance and consultant for many companies from the largest brands to local small businesses. I have experience of the full UX process.