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Surrey UX Designer & UX Developer

As an experienced (UX) user experience designer in Surrey, I can champion your full UX process from pre, through to post production with; client / competitor analysis, user research / testing, information architecture, wireframing & rapid prototyping & interaction design.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings. -Tom & David Kelley

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Client & Competitor Analysis

Reviewed against usability standards, heuristics & overall user experience, I will conduct a detailed analysis of your website and/or of your competitors. These results are then written up with a detailed strategy of how to optimise user experience & trump all of your rivals.

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User Research & User Testing

Key to every good UX strategy is user testing & user research. I carry out expert research into your business field & your consumers which feeds into personas & user-journeys. User testing & usability testing on prototypes can be done throughout the projects life cycle.

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Information Architecture

As an information architect, I design systems of information in an effective and sustainable way. I categorise & structure your data, then define how it is labelled and represented. We then create an optimal navigation & search system, allowing users to quickly find what they need.

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Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping

I don't create pretty pictures, I design useful and informative low-fi wireframes that are quick, disposable & use the best UX tools in the trade; pen and paper. From here we iterate through rapid prototyping of a real live website or app, which can be tested with your users.

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Interaction Design

Using interaction design (IxD), I create engaging user interfaces with well-planned behaviours. I create meaningful relationships between both person and system by anticipating the user interaction and by then responding with delightful & meaningful state changes.

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Not looking for User Experience Design?

A pretty picture is the best way to show clients what their website will never look like, let alone what it feels like. -Stephen Dench

Now, let's design the optimal user experience. Hire Me, Today!

Why you should choose me as your UX designer / UX developer

User Experience Design

User experience design (UxD) is easily the most falsely claimed skill by graphic designers today. While most graphic designers can create a pretty picture, UX design is beyond their comprehension in how it ultimately affects a user's experience. This is due to the additional skills sets needed.

A real user experience designer with over 15 years starting with a UxD role at Google. I can offer you my experience of numerous UX projects both freelance and consultant for many companies from the largest brands to local small businesses. I have experience of the full UX process.