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Web Application Developer

The web apps I develop look amazing & function perfectly, on every modern internet enabled device.

Because of the 1000s of different types of smart phones & tablets, laptops, PCs, Macs & smart TVs, my web application development process targets all, to ensure that your web app ( or PWA ) can be used by everyone, anytime, everywhere!

I have over 20 years experience in successfully developing & delivering web applications for a wide range of different customers. Secure, cross-platform and with a responsive design, your web app / PWA is progressively developed with everything that you need.

Surrey WordPress Web Developer

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If you think math is hard, try web design -Trish Parr

If you think web design or mobile app development is hard, try cross platform web application development -Stephen Dench

Now, lets make something great together Lets Build It!

Web App Features

Every web application I develop includes the following (if needed);

Norton Symantec Icon
Houtesuite Icon
McAfee Icon
Excellent support
Free domain name
Contact details
Google Analytics
Enquiry form
Cross platform
Great modern design
Responsive design
Social media Links
Web Accessibility
User Experience
Persuasive Design
A Bespoke design
Matches your brand

Naturally there are numerous other features which may be needed for your web application. However due to the bespoke needs of each web app, even a list of 1000 features could not cover all possibilities.

Web App Development Process

Web App Development life cycle

The web app development cycle closely follows a full user experience design process. While for some projects we also adopt an agile methodology of iterations continuously through these 3 key stages.

1. Reseach Web App

During the research stage we drill down into the objectives for the web app then carry out user research & competitor analysis of the competition &/or other similar systems. This data & your feedback is analysed before creating a development strategy.

2. Develop Web App

First we plan out the information architecture of the web app & design any needed databases, before drawing up wireframes to answer design challenges. This may also involve prototypes & live user testing during the build process, before fine-tuning.

3. Launch Web App

When complete we market the product launch and arrange usability testing sessions for any essential improvements. The launched web app is tracked with analytics for management & highlighting desired tweaks during its ongoing maintenance.

All great endeavours start with a first step Take It Now!

Feasibility & Full Evaluation

Depending on your type of project, its size & the circumstances, either a feasibility study or a full project evaluation will normally be needed.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is designed to provide you with a technical evaluation of your project idea. This will outline its validity, the web app technologies that could be used, and with straight forward web applications, an expected budget & time-frame.

I carry this evaluation out with an initial consultancy phone call before reporting back to you with the findings.
Note that this feasibility study does not include a project report.

I charge £600 £375 for this service.

Full Project Evaluation

In the case of more complex projects & web apps, a full project evaluation is always required, providing a full technical evaluation of the proposed web application and project goals.

This service normally involves a quick initial consultancy phone call before a face to face meeting. Communications can sometimes continue throughout the evaluation period, and always towards the end when discussing the findings.

A detailed project evaluation report is then drawn up which will document the findings and outlines a web application strategy, expected budget and timeframe.

I charge £6250 £3500 for this service.

Full Project Evaluation

Outline of the Project Evaluation Report

1. Project Description
2. Business Objectives
3. Suggested Solution
4. Suggested Technology
5. Development Evaluation
6. Security Evaluation
7. Design Evaluation
8. Potential Issues
9. Suggested Timeframe
10. Budget Breakdown
11. Conclusion
12. Sign Off

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Why me, as your web app developer

Web Application Developer/Designer Stephen Dench

This one is both easy and hard...

The easy part is that there is not many of us web app developers to choose from. While every pimply teenager in his bedroom claims to be a web designer or design company, very few in the UK actually claim to have the advanced skill sets required to be a web application developer.

The hard part is standing out in this very small crowd. Every web app developer & web application company normally has a very high level of web programming knowledge. However, most are just that, companies. My USP is that I deliver you an equal or greater level of work, yet at a far lower price.

What is a Web Application?

What is a Web Application?

A Web App or Web Application is an application (app, software or computer program) which runs in a web browser. Unlike native mobile apps which are specifically created for a given platform and need to be downloaded from an app store before being used, web apps are device agnostic & free from the limitations & constraints of the different platform providers.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A Progressive Web App or PWA uses the latest web technologies like service workers, an app manifest & web APIs, together with new design concepts which combine the great user expierence provided by native apps to the many advantages of responsive websites.

PWA Features

  • Works offline without the internet and load instantly from an app icon
  • Smooth & meaningful animations and transitions between states
  • User engagement via push notifications & other app like features
  • Progressively works for every user, on every browser, on every device
  • Safety via TLS, linkable via URLs & fresh via service worker updates