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    in Epsom, Surrey

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    'Freelance' web design, web apps, graphic design, user experience, persuasive design & digital marketing

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  • Website Design

    'Superhero' responsive web designer of modern looking websites & web developer of native feeling web apps

    Get the best of the best in web design

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    web design in Epsom, Surrey
  • user experience design in Epsom, Surrey

    User Experience

    'Real' user experience designer, a UX unicorn & expert of the full UX life cycle from conception to post production

    UX is not my opinion, its my process

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  • Graphic Design

    'Multi-Talented' graphic designer of high impact visuals, branded logos, elegant typography & meaningful animation

    Published, printed & electronic media

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    graphic design in Epsom, Surrey
  • persuasive design

    Persuasive Design

    'Sorcerer' of persuasive design using psychology & magic to invoke emotion, trust, credibility & user behaviour

    Don't make them think, make them act

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  • Digital Maketing

    'Guru' of digital online marketing with search engine optimisation, social media, pay-per-click, content & branding

    Your mission, your vision, your growth

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    digital marketing in Epsom, Surrey

Hi, I'm Stephen Dench

...a freelance designer based in Epsom, Surrey, which I think sounds far better than web design polymath and magical UX unicorn.

...because I don't just design amazing looking websites and great visual graphics. I also design optimal user experiences, magically persuasive journeys and successful digital marketing strategies.

...some of the people I am honoured to work with...
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Can you imagine just how successfull you, your business & your brand will soon be...

Because it's time to take your project forward. Hire Me, Today!

My Latest Projects

Many projects have NDAs and/or white-labels as they need to be seen as produced in-house.

Surrey Designer

The full range of web expertise needed to deliver successful results to local clients in Epsom, Surrey.

After being both employee & freelancer for the big players, and in a variety of roles, I have a uniquely broad spectrum of web expertise in the full range of services needed, for the whole project life cycle.

While as an exceptionally experienced designer, I provide a far higher quality of work than web design companies, and at a far lower cost.

Because you, your business & your brand couldn't be in better hands. I have the passion, the expertise & the experience of the whole web design process.

Let's start a new project together. Start the Magic

20+ years experience, 100+ successful clients & 1000+ exceptional projects

With over 20 years experience I have designed, created, managed & marketed 1000s of different successful projects for 100s of clients. These range from some of the UK's & world’s largest brands to small & medium sized local businesses in Surrey. -Stephen Dench

Working Together

Fortunately I can be selective about the projects I take on. So if you don't have a basic understanding of your own goals or aren’t excited about the project itself, then I won’t be adding you to my schedule.

As long as you meet these conditions it does not matter if you are a large multi-national company, start-up, small local business or a one-man band, I am happy to work with you & take your project forward.

Yes! I'm excited and I know my project goals! Then let's talk!